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Read The Rules Pleas

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1 Read The Rules Pleas on Sat May 14, 2011 4:47 pm


Welcome to Roswell Season 4. We have a few rules to keep you out of a sticky mess, so please read these rules carefully.

1) All stories are excepted here, but make sure you have that post in the right place. We don't want to find a Polar story in with a Candy story and so forth.

2)Before posting please check your grammar because you want your best out there.

*Beta Readers are great help*

3) Story Title: Titles and summaries must be kid friendly. No exceptions. "Please read", "Untitled", etc. are not acceptable titles or summaries.

Author's Email: This is optional, but suggested if your profile doesn't contain your email address.

Beta Name: This is where you acknowledge the username of the person beta’ing for you.

Spoilers: This story is set up through what point in the cannon? Stories set post Graduation are Future Fics.

Category: AU,, Polar Story (Rated E-T), Non-Polar

Rating: E, YT, T, M (see below for an explanation of ratings)

Summary: You must put something, even if it is brief.

Warnings: If your story depicts anything that may be disturbing to your audience, particularly graphic slash, please post a warning at the start of the story.

Disclaimer: Tell us that Roswell or your fandom of choice doesn't belong to you. If you are adapting or quoting anyone else's work, this is the place to acknowledge that creator so you aren't accused of plagiarism later.

4) Ratings: We use ratings for a reason, to make sure that the stories are in the proper forums and that underage children don't read anything that they're not supposed to. Following are the guidelines:

Ratings guideline:

5)No Cussing

6) No Bullying

7) Be Nice

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