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For The Love Of A Child (Roswell and Smallville) *Teen*

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For The Love of A child

By: Neo Lady Guerin

Beta - Lexi @ ladyleximanning@aol.com

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but my ideals and original characters

Summary: Liz is returning to Roswell after a long disappearing act that has lasted for about sixteen years.

Chapter 1

With both hands on the wheel I still couldn't believe I was going back to where it had all started. In some ways I was still running just like the night I left everything and everyone behind. Seeing the welcome to Roswell sign come into view I blinked not totally believing what I was seeing. Those words came back.... The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. It wasn't just Alex who held a place with Robert Frost's words. When I left I made a promise to the last person I expected to make one to.... Glancing in my rear view mirror I could see that promise I had lived with for about sixteen years. For which I had given up my life and love to protect with everything within me. “Mom, pull over and let me drive,” Came Lucas's voice as he rubbed his eyes and sat up in the back.

“I've been driving longer than you've been alive. I'm fine,” I tried to reassure him that it was fine.

“I slept through Arizona, so it's my turn already,” he insisted giving me his puppy eyes to get what he wanted.

“We're here,” I breathed as we got into town.

“Wow, it's worse than anything I could imagine,” Lucas said climbing into the front passenger's seat.

“Yeah, I know. After everything I see it so different than when we were here last,” I agreed seeing nothing had really changed.

It was like someone froze time almost....

“That's where you worked,” Lucas scoffed slightly as he pointed out the Crash.

“Yep,” I whispered as I pulled into a parking spot out front.

Sitting there I couldn't bring myself to take my hand off the wheel just yet. I half expected Maria to come out the door to complain I was late. She'd blame Max for it because he takes all my time so she'd say. Waiting it doesn't happen as minute after minute passes....

“Mom, I'm starving! Can we go?” Lucas asks breaking my thoughts.

“Sure,” I mumble taking the keys out.

Following Lucas's lead I get out of my Jeep, and head into the Crash trying to be normal. Or at least not draw unwanted attention to myself and Lucas... Quickly a young dirty blonde waitress come to Lucas asking him where he'd like to sit. He quickly lets the girl know that he is with his mom, and that we would like a booth towards the back. She glances at me apologetically before leading us to a booth. As we slid into the booth Maxx as her name tag states; hands us each two menus before leave mumbling about coffee. Soon she back with two cups of coffee one black and one with cream.

“I'm a good judge of character,” Maxx smiles warmly as her antennas bobbled side to side.

There was something about this girl that was familiar like it was on the tip of my tongue. It was her personality, and so much more. Her eyes I had seen them before somewhere I know I had.... Those weren't eyes you soon forgot either. No, not it a lifetime could you forget if ever. Then I could feel it right below my skin those needle like pricks running across my hand; it was saying she was like those I had left.

“Maxx is an interesting name,” I comment casually.

“My dad name me Maxx after my uncle,” Maxx replied politely.

“Could we have two Deaths on a Plate,” I ordered without thinking about what I was doing.

“You've been through before,” Maxx asked eying me carefully.

“Nah, a friend recommended it; said if I passed this way,” I trailed off being nonchalant about it.

“That really isn't healthy,” Maxx frowned at the thought someone had recommended that special.

“Please hold the lecture. You live but once,” I said holding up my hand to stop her from going on.

“Alright,” Maxx relented shrugging her shoulder.

As she left I could hear her mumbling under her breath making me laugh.

“She seems harmless,” Lucas smiled slightly.

“Don't be so sure. She isn't no sheep,” I whispered giving him the code for an Antarian.

We had come across a few who were harmless more or less. Some were even powerless and clueless about the blood that ran through their veins. For a long time I had thought Lucas was the only one of his kind but I was wrong. We even found out secrets of mine own that I never knew. It had answered more questions than I could of ever dream of, and there in the mist of it all I had found a connection that had been missing.

“Where are you?” Lucas asked bring me back to the Crash.

“Just thinking that's all,” I shrugged as I picked up my coffee, and taking a long slow sip enjoy ever bit of the coffee.

A lot had changed since I had left because the coffee was like liquid hot tar when I left.

“We'll be fine. I've always got your back,” Lucas spoke being very serious.

“Geez, sometimes you are your father's son so much so it's scary,” I chuckle lightly as I reach out patting the side of his face.

“I'm my mother's son before anything less cause you're my whole wide world,” Lucas eyes me as he speaks carefully choosing his words.

Spotting Maxx we both are silent as she sets a plate of bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, a stack of pancakes, two biscuits, and a mound of hash browns in front of both of us.

“Don't say I didn't warn you,” Maxx rolled her eyes as she left us to eat.

“I don't think I can finish all this,” Lucas whispered with his eyes as big as saucers.

After paying Lucas end up taking half his food in a take out box which I wasn't too surprised. There weren't many who could finish Death on a Plate apart from me and Micheal. Going back to the Jeep we sat there as I tried to figure out where to go from here. The look in Lucas's eyes was one of worry that I knew too well, and no kid should be that worried at his age.

“Go check out the town.... I need to go see someone,” I whispered knowing where I was headed.

“Maybe we should stick together,” Lucas disagreed not liking me out of his sight in a new town.

“Everyone where I'm going is dead,” I frowned as I spoke.

“Meet me back here in an hour and a half. Call if you're going to be late,” Lucas relented as he got out and shut the door.

Starting the engine I pulled out smoothly making my way through town; I knew where I was heading like the back of my hand. As I got closer the air seemed to catch in my throat because of the memories of the last trip I made like this. Spotting the cemetery gates I pulled through as I swallowed hard, and parked right inside the gate with the intention of walking. Killing the engine I got out grabbing the white rose off the dash board. Taking my time I made my way through the rows of graves not really looking at anywhere but forward. I knew where my destination was... Before I had left there were many nights I had walked between these graves. Then there it is the one gravestone I haven't seen in years and years. Bending down I trace the letters gently like seeing an old friend after a long time.

“I've missed you... Seems like forever doesn't it. Never though it would end up like this. I wish you were here, Alex,” I whispered as tears traced my face.

Alexander Whitman.... He had been the one constant in my life since I could remember. He'd be the one I would turn to coming home, but he wasn't here except for in spirit.

“It's not fair... I need you here, and you're gone. Who is going to be on my side in the group? They won't understand what I did and why it.... He shouldn't have to defend me, but I know he will,”

Shaking my head I lean back resting on the back of my legs sitting in a crouch. Wiping at the tears coming down my face I know it's too long already and I should leave before I'm spotted by someone or anyone. Standing up I place the rose on top of the gravestone, and good look around seeing no one I start walking back to my car. As I got closer I wasn't too surprised to see Lucas waiting for me... Seeing him I couldn't help but smile.

Settling into the hotel room I shook my head as the sight of Lucas sleep on top of his history book. He would study late into the night committed to knowing as much as he could. I had told him when he was little that the more you knew the better because it made you a better person. Four years old he believed me oddly enough, and I found him the next morning teaching himself to read. Grabbing a blanket I laid it over him, and kissed the top of his head like every night.... Walking to the door I opened it quietly letting myself out into the night air. Taking a seat on the ground outside the door I watched the stars that sprinkled across the sky. All I can think is how he's growing up so fast right before my eyes. No longer is he that baby who fit just right in my arms with those chubby cheeks and eyes that sucked you in. Then I turned around he's sixteen years old. Sixteen year I had protected him with my life, and I would continue until my last breath.

“Hey there stranger,” came Micheal's voice making me jump to my feet holding out my hand out of instinct.

“Micheal,” I growled almost protectively.

“Chill, if I wanted to kill you I would of by now,” Micheal said walking casually into view.

“I guess,” I shrugged holding my stance.

“My kid spotted you in the Crash,” Micheal admitted leaning against a post.

“Maxx,” I replied slightly lowering my arm.

“Yeah, her.... A lot change over the years,” Micheal frowned trailing off at the end.

“How's Maria?” I asked curious about my best friend.

“Skipped town after giving birth. Her career was more important,” Micheal answered barely whispering.

“Sorry,” I mumbled softly.

“I don't believe that. All I came here for is to find out why you're back,” Micheal said showing some of his anger in his eyes.

“Keeping a promise,” I answered simply.

“Who's the kid,” Michael asked not backing down.

“I think you need to leave,” Came Lucas's voice as I turned to see him coming out.

“Not you're call, Kid,” Micheal smirked having no ideal who he was dealing with.

Lucas however knew exactly who he was dealing with I had well informed my son.

“I don't think you want to make a scene. That wouldn't be good for you or the others. With that said... I'd say it is my call,” Lucas replied very casually.

“Micheal, please go,” I pleaded not wanting either to go off on the other.

“Fine, but I want answers,” Micheal relented as he back way and then left.

“He wasn't going to harm me,” I whispered as I closed the distance between me and my son.

“He had no business here at this hour,” Lucas said between gritted teeth.

“Let's go get some sleep please,” I shook my head as I took my overprotective son by the ear leading him inside.

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